How to avoid getting extra double quotes and slashes in your API JSON response

Statement – While working with REST apis, most of the time we would be expecting the clean JSON response from the API. But few time we get the unstructured JSON response like below in case of children array –

“_page”: {
“start”: 0,
“next”: 12,
“count”: 2
“children”: [

So to avoid this, we just need to take care of few things in our implementation –

  1. In the Root class object, use JSONArray object instead of List of String or Object like below –

public class PageResponse {


private Pagination page;


private JSONArray records = null;


  1. Wherever you are setting this JSONArray, try to set it by the following piece of code –

List<Object> finalRes = new ArrayList<Object>();

JSONParser parser = new JSONParser();

JSONArray finalJsonArray = (JSONArray) parser.parse(finalRes.toString());

PageResponse pageResponse = new PageResponse();


In this way, you would be getting the clean JSON response from your REST API given below –

  "_page": {
    "start": 0,
    "next": 13,
    "count": 3
  "records": [
      "_attachments": "attachments/",
      "_rid": "wEIcANyrmAULAAAAAAAAAA==",
      "id": "11",
      "_self": "dbs/wEIcAA==/colls/wEIcANyrmAU=/docs/wEIcANyrmAULAAAAAAAAAA==/",
      "value": "Vanessa",
      "key": "38",
      "_etag": "\"0c0054c7-0000-0000-0000-59ca35ab0000\"",
      "_ts": 1506424239
      "_attachments": "attachments/",
      "_rid": "wEIcANyrmAUMAAAAAAAAAA==",
      "id": "12",
      "_self": "dbs/wEIcAA==/colls/wEIcANyrmAU=/docs/wEIcANyrmAUMAAAAAAAAAA==/",
      "value": "Neal",
      "key": "13",
      "_etag": "\"0c0056c7-0000-0000-0000-59ca35ab0000\"",
      "_ts": 1506424239
      "_attachments": "attachments/",
      "_rid": "wEIcANyrmAUNAAAAAAAAAA==",
      "id": "13",
      "_self": "dbs/wEIcAA==/colls/wEIcANyrmAU=/docs/wEIcANyrmAUNAAAAAAAAAA==/",
      "value": "Marguerite",
      "key": "13",
      "_etag": "\"0c0058c7-0000-0000-0000-59ca35ab0000\"",
      "_ts": 1506424239

Hope it helps. 🙂


Author: guptakumartanuj

While doing Programming on my lappy….I compared myself with an object & found that my life is like a three ring circus :-one ring my family,one my career and one my education.. as my name identifies…. T:-Talkative A:-Admirable N:-Naive U:-Unique J:-Jack of all trades. Please get in touch with me via email on for any kind of career opportunity or any kinda suggestion regarding personal or professional skills.

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