Way to redirect the url from HTML page getting in the response of REST call through AJAX

Problem Statement – I have one CDN server (mylocalmachinedomain:8022) hosted through XAMPP (Apache) on my local machine. In parallel to it, I have written the micro-service (microservicedomainname.com:8444)  to expose it’s REST end point hosted on tomcat server on my local machine. Now First I have to make a REST call (expose end point written in my micro-service) from the HTML page through AJAX. Secondly while exposing the REST call, it would redirect to some other page. So that I need to handle in the HTML page through AJAX. There are 2 ways to do the same –

My micro-service end point java code-



    @ApiOperation(value = “Displays a message”, notes = “The message is read from the properties”, response = Test.class )

    @ApiResponses(value = { @ApiResponse(code = 500, message = “Something went wrong”, response=Test.class) })


    public Response authCall() throws Exception {

        logger.info(“This is a log to check oAuth api”);

        //HttpsURLConnection conn = null;

        String url = “https://account.service.com/api/oauth2/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=MY_CLIENT_ID&redirect_uri=MY_REDIRECT_URI&state=MY_STATE;

        URI uri=new URI(url);

        return Response.status(Status.TEMPORARY_REDIRECT).location(uri).header(“Content-Type”, “application/json;charset=UTF-8”).build();


 1st way –



  type: “GET”,

  url: “https://microservicedomainname.com:8444/myapp/authCall“,

  success: function(data){







2nd way –

var xmlhttp;

    function init() {

       // put more code here in case you are concerned about browsers that do not provide XMLHttpRequest object directly

       xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

        var url =”https://microservicedomainname.com:8444/myapp/authCall“;



        xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {

               if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4) {

                  if ( xmlhttp.status == 200) {






                       alert(“Error ->” + xmlhttp.responseText);




<body onload=”init()”> 


Hope it helps 🙂


Author: guptakumartanuj

While doing Programming on my lappy….I compared myself with an object & found that my life is like a three ring circus :-one ring my family,one my career and one my education.. as my name identifies…. T:-Talkative A:-Admirable N:-Naive U:-Unique J:-Jack of all trades. Please get in touch with me via email on guptakumartanuj@gmail.com for any kind of career opportunity or any kinda suggestion regarding personal or professional skills.

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